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Hey, Leading Lady!

Ready to lead with confidence as a manager?

I can help you...


Commit To


It's time to own your space!


Are you ready to lead in your new managerial position?


Are you hindering your ability to SHINE by being intimidated by peers and higher leaders?


You are in the right place! In my 1-on-1 signature service, "Woman, Own Your Space," I use my F.O.C.U.S. Method to teach you how to:

Recognize your value as a leader

-Define your leadership style

Apply your vision to develop

-Career plan

-Work objectives

Speak with confidence in your manager position

If you want to establish executive presence to truly make an impact and lead with confidence, take advantage of this free 30-minute next step call!



—  Tina Lashae, 5013c Founder of Strive Right SC

Della is more than a coach! She is a motivator and realist. She was able to listen to my issues and break them down so that they were no longer daunting or overwhelming. She gave practical advice that helped me to see there was a light at the end of the tunnel and I could become more confident and successful in my leadership role. I highly recommend her services as she really listens to your concerns and finds solutions that are useful and make sense to your goals. She is very empathetic but also motivates you to want to become more accountable for your success. She is the reason I am making better choices and a greater impact as a leader. Thank you Della!

—  T. Riggins, US Airforce

"When I contacted Ms Della Mack with my struggles and concerns, she immediately was able to help me understand what I was doing wrong, tap into what I really wanted to achieve in life, and quickly and effectively came up with a game plan to achieve my goals.  We set realistic, yet achievable goals, and her friendly, professional demeanor sparked a fire inside realizing that Yes, I CAN do this, and I WILL. Thank you miss Della for all that you do. You truly have a passion for helping people, and anyone lucky enough to work with you will indeed have found a gem."

T. Goerner, US Army

"Working with Della has been simply inspirational. For your coaching needs, she is a must call.  There were many times I spoke with Della for advice in handling my peers and how to work with stern higher echelons. She is honest in her approach and she truly cares about her clients."

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