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To share your knowledge with others and encourage them to flourish, is to be of service!


Della Mack, Founder|CEO

I am so glad you are here! If you are looking for guidance transitioning in your career and life, then this is the right place for you.


My name is Della Mack.  I am a Leadership Development Consultant and veteran. HOOAH!  I help women transition smoothly in their new career positions and lead with confidence.  I did it and am still using my strategies to continuously progress.  Now, I can show you how to do it too.  I have worked with women in many different career fields to include the nonprofit sector.


I know what it's like to be a young woman joining the Army yearning for direction.  As a 2nd Lieutenant, I looked endlessly for a community and mentorship from someone who understood the challenges I faced.  It was frustrating!  As time progressed, I encountered many other obstacles.  I wanted to maintain my work obligations and pursue my personal goals.  Balancing was so stressful! From these experiences, I developed 3 packages to cater to each transition leaders undergo: being new in the workplace, career progression, and transitioning into a new career field.  I help my clients gain clarity in the steps to accomplish their professional goal while offering a community to build networks that promotes confidence in their work environment.


When i'm not working with clients, or on a mission for the Army, i'm traveling the world and vlogging.  Forever the learner, I completed my Masters of Science in Industrial- Organization Psychology in May of 2017.

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My mission is to guide you through the process of establishing specific/realistic goals and develop strategic plans to achieve them. I help women jump over tough hurdles in their professional life and regain confidence in their abilities as leaders. My action plans allow you to grind with focus and be the leader you were born to be. I will be your trusted advisor and provide solutions that will promote growth in your life. 


Mack's Perspective, LLC is committed to providing all clients with premier tools that enables action.  At Mack's Perspective, we ensure quality services by establishing a relationship with clients to understand what makes you unique and cater your next steps specifically to you. I am dedicated to your growth journey and helping you progress in life. 

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